Lucian Malița violin and Thurzó Sándor József viola

The Duo Varadiensis made its debut in Oradea in 1985. It was founded by the well-known and popular music researcher, local historian, concert organizer and violinist Sándor Thurzó (Oradea, 1920-2009).

Since the formation, the duo has been regularly giving standalone concerts. It has been playing at city and national festivals, on exhibitions and in different kinds of churches within and across borders.

Composers have been eager to dedicate their compositions to the duo.

Following the traces of Ady Endre, the Duo Varadiensis went from the Ér as far as the Ocean. It has been giving concerts from Partium to Brazil, and it carries our nation’s reputation and vocation for the classical music with great success.

Thanks to its huge repertoire, the Duo Varadiensis is able to improve the quality of any cultural event, and its standalone performances always add to the to the given program with the specialty of the classical music in our 21st century !


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